Fraport boss sees airports under pressure – summer remains difficult

Stephen Schulte

The Fraport boss continues to expect a tense situation in the summer.

(Photo: imago images / STAR MEDIA)

Berlin The boss of the airport operator Fraport, Stefan Schulte, also expects problems at German airports in the coming weeks. “The summer will remain difficult,” said Schulte of the newspaper “Mannheimer Morgen” (Tuesday edition) according to the preliminary report. It was underestimated how much people had to catch up if they wanted to travel again.

“We knew it was going to be a strong year and we took that into account in our planning. But every forecast has been clearly overtaken and many more people are flying than expected. The airports and airlines have too few staff at all levels for that.”

In addition, there are restrictions in the airspace in Eastern Europe due to the war and in France, where there are currently new software recordings in air traffic control. “Each event causes the already fragile overall system to shake and triggers new delays,” explained Schulte, who is also President of the Airport Association ADV.

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