France and the corona strategy: all just no lockdown

Vaccination center in Nice

France is increasingly relying on vaccinations to fight the corona virus.

(Photo: Reuters)

Paris The French government has announced new anti-corona measures because the number of infections is rising again all over the country. The most important message is: everything, just no lockdown. There should also be no curfew if possible.

France thus differs from Austria and the considerations in Germany. The government relies primarily on vaccination.

Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Thursday that there should not be: “Neither lockdown nor curfew and no travel restrictions.” A government spokesman added that the mask requirement, even for vaccinated people, should be expanded.

The mask should be worn again, especially in closed rooms, where it was no longer required. Because in France you can only get to events in buildings, such as theaters, with a health pass, i.e. with proven immunization or negative test.

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Even outside, at Christmas markets or in the city center, the mask requirement should come back. Christmas markets in France are not allowed to be visited without a health pass.

France accelerates vaccination campaign

But above all it is about accelerating the vaccination campaign – also to save Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The booster shot, the booster vaccination, should now be possible five, not six months after the second vaccination. This affects many of those over 50.

The recommendation for a booster vaccination has been extended to the general population aged 18 and over. Previously, it was necessary for people over 65 to extend their health passport.

Seven months after the second vaccination, the health passport without a booster should lose its validity. From December 15, the pass for those over 65 will expire without timely refreshment, and from January 15 for those aged 18 to 64. In addition, corona tests, which were previously valid for 72 hours, are only to be valid for 24 hours in order to increase the pressure on non-vaccinated people, starting on Monday.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his Minister of Health Olivier Véran visit a health center

The health pass, which was introduced in France, caused criticism.

(Photo: Reuters)

According to current figures, 69.4 percent of the total population have been vaccinated, and 76.8 percent have had a primary vaccination. Nevertheless, the infection rates are rising again. Over 30,000 new infections are already recorded every day. A week ago it was only about 20,000. The seven-day incidence in France has reached 190.8, but with large regional differences.

Health Minister Véran highlighted the importance of vaccination in France. 90 percent of the patients who would be admitted to the hospital are not vaccinated. As in Germany, there are also large regional differences in the progress of the vaccination campaign in France, said Véran.

France intensifies the vaccination campaign. There are enough vaccines for the next few months. France is doing well with 1,100 vaccination centers in the country, said Véran. It is also vaccinated in doctors’ offices, laboratories and pharmacies.

The French government’s strategy seems to be working: Even before Véran’s televised speech, the rush for vaccination appointments in France had begun. After his address, the Doctolib booking platform was overloaded.

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