France and Australia want a trusting relationship again

Australia’s new Prime Minister Albanian

The new Prime Minister of Australia wants to get closer to France.

(Photo: dpa)

Paris After falling out over a billion-dollar submarine deal, France and Australia want to rebuild a trusting relationship. As stated in a letter from the Élysée Palace in Paris on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron and the newly elected Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese agreed on this in a telephone call. Together they wanted to overcome the climate crisis and the strategic challenges in the Indo-Pacific. The two countries also strived to become more resilient through cooperation and to contribute to peace and regional security.

In the autumn, Australia, the USA and Great Britain announced a new joint security alliance in the Indo-Pacific without consulting their allies. In this context, Australia is to be given access to US technology for the construction and operation of nuclear submarines. A €56 billion submarine deal between France and Australia fell through as a result. Paris reacted angrily. Macron accused then Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison of lying. Morrison’s actions were also described as a breach of trust in the communication from the Élysée on the telephone call on Thursday. Albania’s Labor Party won the general election in Australia last week.

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