Fortunas Düsseldorf: Two professionals refuse vaccinations – 2nd Bundesliga

So far, there have been five corona cases at second division Düsseldorf since the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020. Now two of the special kinds are added …

Fortuna dilemma – two professionals refuse vaccination!

BILD knows the players and asked them about their reasons. Both do not want to comment, but are apparently afraid of the possible effects of these vaccinations.

It goes without saying that the club is not happy about that. Especially since board member Klaus Allofs (64) had announced in July: “Everyone wants to be vaccinated!” Succeeded with the coaching staff and the supervisors. Just not with these two players …

Now Allofs says to BILD: “We are constantly in intensive discussions to point out the importance of the corona vaccination. But we cannot force anyone to vaccinate. Despite this, we were able to achieve a high vaccination rate of over 95 percent very early on in the entire licensing department. We are still striving for the 100 percent quota. “

Obviously, it still takes a lot of persuasion. And that’s the crux of the matter!

It gets really strange when the city of Düsseldorf’s plans to only allow vaccinated or recovered people into the stadium (2G rule) are actually implemented. Then Fortuna would have to plan without her two vaccination refusers.

Instead of chasing goals and points on the lawn inside, they could just keep their fingers crossed outside the arena gates …

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