Former WhatsApp Administrator Joins This Altcoin’s Team

Jessica Tsai Chin, a former director of WhatsApp and Nike, began managing the Algorand Foundation’s marketing efforts.

Chin previously served as brand manager to oversee WhatsApp’s privacy efforts.

Regarding his orientation to the cryptocurrency industry, Chin said, many web2 companies embrace the concept of decentralization difficulties but in this area there are many opportunities told.

The bankruptcies of crypto exchange FTX and hedge fund Three Arrows Capital last year, and the bankruptcy of lending company Genesis last week, negatively affected the image of crypto companies.

Chin, who started to manage the marketing division of the Algorand Foundation, wanted to fix this image. to marketing work should be given weight and “authentic, centered on community and people” He thinks marketing should be done.

Algorand has come to the fore with some sports deals it has made in the past. For example, FIFA’s digital collection for the World Cup On the Algorand blockchain developed. According to CryptoSlam data, the collection’s transaction volume exceeds $400,000.

Chin said that Algorand will continue to carry out marketing activities for the sports field, and in addition, Algorand-based decentralized finance (DeFi) applications will also be brought to the fore.

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