Former SEC Official Threatens Cryptocurrency Phenomena!

US regulator SEC has recently increased its pressure on the cryptocurrency industry.

In this context, many altcoin suing the project and the stock market, the SEC continues to pressurize former SEC official John Reed He also targeted social media influencers promoting cryptocurrencies.

John Reed, who made a statement on this subject on Twitter, cryptocurrencies warned of social media phenomena promoting and manipulating their prices.

Noting that the days of these social media phenomena are numbered, the former SEC official said that these phenomena will face anti-fraud rules that apply to those who manipulate the price of securities listed on crypto exchanges.

Pointing out that cryptocurrencies are securities, Reed said:

“Attention to all crypto supporters who use social media to manipulate the price of cryptocurrencies:

Do not fail, do not put yourself in danger. Eventually, you will not only be caught, but prosecuted.

The same anti-fraud rules apply to those who manipulate the price of exchange-traded securities, micro-capital securities, penny securities, or crypto securities.

Get smart coins, because your days are numbered.

What amazes me most about crypto supporters in particular is that many of them take an arrogant and arrogant way, in which they always defraud their victims.

… At this point, social media has become a virtual rope that many crypto investors use to hang themselves, far from tying their hands to the government.”

John Reed cited the Ricky Bobby case, where the SEC filed Francis Sabo (known as Ricky Bobby) for a $100 million securities fraud charge.

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