Former Oxford Student Stole £2M In Cryptocurrency

A former Oxford University student admitted to stealing more than £2m worth of cryptocurrencies.

Wybo Wiersma, a few years ago, can be used by crypto money investors who want to buy Iota (IOTA). Completely randomly selected 81-character passwords He made a site where he could be created.

However, Wiersma scam people used for. The person who lived in Oxford at that time, soon Iota “wallet” of 99 different investors emptied. The value of stolen cryptocurrencies at the beginning of 2018, £2.1 million was at the level.

Wiersma, who was arrested in 2019 in a joint operation by authorities in the United Kingdom and Germany, waited for two years to appear in court. Wiersma, who appeared in court the other day, confessed to stealing.

Wiersma’s fault Between 17 January-30 April 2018 declared to work. According to the statement made by prosecutor Julian Christopher KC, the total value of this scam 2 million 156 thousand pounds it corresponds.

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