Former FTX Executive Seeking Funds for a New Crypto Startup

Brett Harrison, the former director of the US subsidiary of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is trying to raise funds for a new crypto startup.

Former executive of FTX’s US subsidiary, according to two sources familiar with the matter, The Information reported on Dec. of Brett Harrison for a new crypto startup looking for funds reported.

In the news, for Harrison’s company, at least 60 million dollars with valuation 6 million dollar investment He said he plans to buy it.

resources, initiative high-capital investors He said he is focusing on developing crypto trading software for It was also stated that the developed software is expected to create crypto trading strategies.

The recently bankrupt FTX is being closely scrutinized by many governments for various corruption possibilities. The new CEO who took office after the company’s bankruptcy John J Rayis a company that the former management of the company has never seen before in his professional life. example of failure had stated.

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