Former Coinbase Manager Admits Insider Trading Accusations

Ishan Wahi, a former executive of Coinbase, the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange, has admitted to insider trading accusations against him.

Reuters reported on February 7, although Wahi had previously denied the charges against him. February 7 He stated that he confessed to his crime in the court where he was brought. In the recent past, Wahi legal representativesformer manager insider trading your guilt not working Only misconduct It was also recorded that they claimed to use it.

On the other hand, legal representatives of Wahi, February 6 on of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) She filed a lawsuit to have her securities fraud complaint dropped against Wahi. Some of the cryptocurrencies subject to the SEC’s lawsuit securities Wahi’s representatives filed a complaint with the court claiming that not arguing that he refused.

Even if the SEC’s claims are true, the agents believe that Wahi only from abuse of office He claimed that in order for him to be prosecuted for the crime of securities fraud, the subject matter of the case must be found. For the SEC to respond to the claim to April 6 stated how long it takes.

Brother Nikhil Wahi and his friend Sameer Ramani accusing him of gaining unfair advantage by obtaining information about cryptocurrencies to be listed on Coinbase. US Department of Justice (DOJ) was arrested by Nikhil Wahi’s total 14 In the act of unfair gain, which is the subject of crypto money 1 million It was stated that he earned an unfair profit of close to $.

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