Former CFTC Chairman: Digital Dollar Could Be a World Standard

Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), is a privacy-protected and unsupervised business. your digital dollar stated that it would be accepted on a global scale.

The former government official who participated in a crypto program today said that he believes CBDC currencies can take over the entire Earth. Although Giancarlo acknowledges that China is ahead in the digital currency race, he thinks that the USA can come to the fore.

“If we can create an operational and transparent digital currency, why not have an edge over China and Europe?

“I Understand CBDC Opponents”

Former CFTC executive, which digital currency opponents often worry about “need for transparency” touched on the subject. Although there is always a public who is afraid of CBDCs, it is noteworthy that some politicians strongly oppose this issue.

Featured CBDC One of his opponents, Florida governor Ron Desantis, has outlawed a digital currency offered by a central bank in his state. Texas Congressman Ted Cruz brought a bill to parliament that would prevent the Fed from creating a CBDC currency.

Christopher Giancarlo stated that although he disagrees with digital currency opponents, he understands the security and privacy concerns.

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