Former Apple engineers announce they’re competing with Google!-SDN

According to the statements of the two engineers, the war that started between Apple and Google for a long time still continues today. Even Apple is emphasizing this. a policy of silent war is watching. Two former engineers of Apple, whose names have not been released, stated that the company is in a silent war with Google. In addition, he explained what Apple is doing in this regard against Google.

Apple focuses on three main areas to compete with Google

According to the information shared by former Apple engineers, the technology giant company focuses on three main areas and goes to improve itself at these points. Maps, Search, and online ads play a big role in Apple’s quiet rivalry with Google.

Apple Safari and Google

Apple’s Maps app was released five years after Google. Despite major changes and development in recent years, Apple still lags behind the features and functions of Google Maps. The company is working on Maps to improve this and continues to face its big rival in this field.

Apple starts selling refurbished iPhone 13: How much are the prices?

Apple starts selling refurbished iPhone 13: How much are the prices?

The iPhone 13 series, which Apple offered to users in 2021, started to meet with users again with its renewed phone service.

According to the statements made by two former Apple engineers, the company also competes against Google for Search. It is stated that technology giant Apple has been working on a search tool for a long time. The company had long ago acquired the artificial intelligence company Topsy Labs and Laserlike.

On the other hand, it is known that Apple competes with Google for advertisements. The company made important additions, especially the ads in the Apple Store. In addition, the Financial Times made statements stating that Apple will now present advertisements to its customers in different ways.

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