Ford Will Produce Electric Cars Without Radio

According to the news of the Detroit Free Press, Ford has been working to remove the radio from its electric cars for a while. We may soon see the fruits of these efforts.

We have been coming across news that many automobile giants have removed or want to remove the radio from their electric models for a while. BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo and Mazda It is said that companies such as the company aim to remove AM radio from electric models by 2024.

Now Ford will join these names. Confirmed by company spokesperson Wes Sherwood. Sherwood explained to the Detroit Free Press that we’ve seen recent models where the company uses a radio.

So why especially electric cars?

To put it simply; in electric cars to prevent the engine from being affected by radio signals. such an action is taken. Because even the smallest problem in the engine can lead to bigger problems.

For this reason, automobile manufacturers think that not using the radio is the most logical solution to the problems that may be encountered in the future. For this reason, they have already started work. On the other hand, Ford’s to be released in 2024 The next generation of electric cars will be produced without AM radio for the first time. Thus, some of the first models without AM radio F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E it could be.


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