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Increasing electrification investments Fordis switching to renewable energy for carbon neutral targets. DTE Energy The auto giant, which has partnered with the auto giant, said that it will conduct all its operations in the state of Michigan in the USA on clean energy sources. Ford CEO Jim Farley As a result of this agreement Tesla He neglected to aim.

USA’s largest renewable partnership from Ford and DTE Energy

A historic renewable energy agreement was signed between DTE Energy and Ford. DTE Energy to the company’s factories in Michigan 650 megawatts of solar power will provide. This figure represents the largest purchase of renewables in US history.

Ford also wants to make its Michigan production fully renewable by 2025. In this context F-150 Lightning All vehicles will be produced in accordance with carbon neutral. The reason for the emphasis on the F-150 Lightning is Tesla Cybertruck due to competition.

Elon Musk made the point: Cybertruck and Semi Truck's release date has been announced!

Elon Musk made the point: Cybertruck and Semi Truck’s release date has been announced!

Tesla has determined the date of the Cybertruck and Semi Truck model, which it has wanted to launch for a long time. Here are the details…

Ford CEO Jim Farley, who made statements about the deal, did not neglect to pin Tesla and Elon Musk in his speech. He stated that the Ford F-150 Lightning is “the leader of all electric pickup trucks in the USA.”

“At Ford, we are truly on a mission to lead an electric and digital revolution for many, not the few. Elon Musk, get this” he said.

Although Ford is increasing its investments in electric vehicles and renewable generation, it should not be forgotten that it is far behind Tesla. Tesla controls about 75 percent of the US electric vehicle market. Tesla Model 3, Model Y and Mustang Mach-E became the three best-selling electric cars, respectively.

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