Ford is preparing to challenge Tesla!

One of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers Forddevelops by keeping up with time and technology. In line with this, the company, which made a statement at the beginning of the year, announced that they will shift their production lines to completely electric by 2030. USAFrom this date on, the automobile giant will only sell electric vehicles.

So much so that Ford Cologne to open an electric vehicle production factory in the city 1 billion dollars separated. Taking firm steps forward in line with its targets, the company announced its first plan for the near future. Accordingly, the automobile giant will be in production in the next two years. TeslaHe’ll be head over heels.

Hyundai introduced the new electric SUV concept!

Hyundai introduced its new electric SUV model at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The vehicle brings with it many innovations.

Ford will produce 600,000 vehicles in two years

Aspiring to become the world’s largest electric car company Ford, production capacity doubled taking it out. The company until the end of 2023 600 thousand vehicles wants to produce. Vehicles planned to be produced, generally liked Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning expected to be. Finally, CEO Jim Farley, about the topic twitter made statements on;

We aim to become the second largest electric car manufacturer after Tesla in the next few years. Then, we will grow as our large investments come into play. Our goal is to become the world’s largest EV manufacturer. We now plan to produce 600,000 EVs per year globally by the end of 2023. This number is exactly double our original plan.

Jim Farley stated that the demand for electric vehicles coming to them is much higher than they expected. Especially Mustang Mach-EHe stressed that ‘ is sold in three continents. company CEO, F-150 LightningHe stated that ‘s has more than 160 thousand reservations.

Mustang Mach-Epopularity and F-150 LightningHigh demand is the biggest factor in doubling the production capacity. The company had originally planned to increase its production last month. In this vein, Ford 250 million dollars He said they would invest.

In addition, Ford batteries also made significant investments. Two months ago Blue Oval City, where the company will produce next-generation electric F-Series pickups and advanced batteries. The facility is a major battery cell manufacturer. SK Innovation will partner with. The company for 11 billion dollars invested in it. Ford, global chip shortage He is quite confident that he will achieve these goals, albeit in the shadows.

Do you think Ford will be the first in the world with his astronomical investments? Does Ford give you confidence when it comes to electric vehicles? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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