For Professionals and Students: The New Casper Excalibur Series

Casper has offered high performance and mobility to professionals and students with its new Excalibur computers that it has recently launched. High-performance computers remain light and thin despite their hardware.

Today, the need for high-performance computers has become a necessity as technology develops. Applications that provide the best possible results require high processor and graphics performance. At this point, manufacturing professionals are looking for the most suitable computers that will enable them to reach this power.

At this point, Turkey’s technology brand Casper also plays a role. It combines high-end graphics card and processor models in laptop computers, offering the convenience of mobile working to professionals. Casper’s Excalibur G911 including the model G900 and G770 models come to the fore in the search for computers for this purpose.

Performance-oriented computers for professionals and students:

In a world where mobility is increasingly important, Casper has launched some of the most powerful computers on mobile platforms to meet the needs of professionals. The most powerful of these computers, the G911, as well as the G900 and G770, are combined with desired configurations. Despite high-performance parts, computers are designed to maximize portability. 21-27 millimeters thin they have.

Casper Excalibur G911, which is among the most powerful laptops:

casper excalibur g911

Announced last month, Casper G911 features the most powerful hardware from Intel and NVIDIA. weighing 2.5 kilograms computer, Intel To 11th generation i9-11980HK processor and NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 graphics card gives place. The computer offers a 16-inch display with 2.5K resolution and 165 Hz refresh rate.


Casper Announces Excalibur G911 Gaming Laptop That Excites With Its High-end Features

One click of the most powerful computers: Excalibur G770 and G900:

The Excalibur G770 and G900 are lower specs than the Excalibur G911 but with enough power for professionals. Intel’s 11th generation processors gives place. Computers designed with professionals and university students in mind, Has 144 Hz refresh rate It comes with a Full HD resolution IPS display.

You can take a look at Casper’s Excalibur G911, G770 and G900 models from this link.

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