Footballer Jérôme Boateng sentenced – is he still a role model for integration? – Domestic policy

Jérôme Boateng (33) was more than a sports idol: especially after racist attacks from the AfD, he was celebrated by many celebrities as an outstanding example of integration.

In his hometown of Berlin, politics stood behind him – as a reaction to the polemics of AfD leader Alexander Gauland: Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller (56, SPD) expressed solidarity with CDU member Frank Henkel, who even said Boateng as ” Role model ”for his son.

Heinz Buschkowsky (73, SPD), then mayor of the problem district of Neukölln, stepped into the breach for Boateng.

Today? The news of Boateng’s conviction as a woman thug disappointed him very much, he told BILD – even if the act had nothing to do with integration. Buschkowsky: “The case shows: Even with gifted legs you can be muddy in the pear.”