Football World Cup in Qatar 2022: Liveblog for the group stage

Ghana’s national coach Addo on criticism of Qatar: “Sweep in front of your own door”

Ghana’s national coach Otto Addo considers European criticism of the World Cup in Qatar to be hypocritical and has accused Germany in particular of double standards. “I think it’s extremely important that the grievances in Qatar are addressed, especially when people die,” Addo told the German Press Agency dpa before the start of the tournament on Sunday. “Nevertheless, it’s a very European view if you think you’re much better than Qatar,” Addo continued.

“Off the coast of the EU, to which Germany also belongs, people die every day because they are not accepted. And they are fleeing for economic reasons, which we are partly responsible for and have partly caused in history,” complained the 47-year-old native of Hamburg. “In Africa, thousands of people die of hunger every day and in Germany, tons of food are thrown away every day.”

According to Addo, who also works as a coach for the top talents at Borussia Dortmund, criticism of the World Cup is “not an issue at all” in Ghana because “there are many other problems”. The former Bundesliga professional appealed to all World Cup critics for all justified information: “You should also sweep your own front door.”

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