Football World Cup in Qatar 2022: Liveblog for the group stage

MEPs dismayed: “World Cup of shame”

Members of the European Parliament have vehemently criticized FIFA and host country Qatar for the controversial men’s World Cup. The liberal politician Katalin Cseh spoke of the “world championship of shame” during a debate on Monday evening in the European Parliament. Miguel Urbán, member of the Left Group, spoke out in favor of a boycott of the event. Social Democrat Niels Fuglsang called on FIFA boss Gianni Infantino to resign.

Stella Kyriakides, who took part in the debate on behalf of the European Commission, said Qatar is not yet at the end of its human rights journey. Numerous challenges remain,” she said during the debate. Homosexuality is forbidden, workers have died, wages have been paid only partially or not at all.

Several MPs had previously expressed criticism on Twitter. The Left MP Özlem Alev Demirel wrote that the World Cup was pure madness. Green politician Anna Cavazzini criticized the fact that many had become victims of systematic forced labor during the World Cup.

Backing for the World Cup was only from the right camp. AfD politician Nicolaus Fest said: “When in Rome, behave like the Romans. We should also concede that to Qatar.” His party friend Maximilian Krah said that one had to respect the fact that Qatar did not want any rainbow symbols in the stadium.

In protest, MP Manon Aubry donned the “One Love” armband during her speech. It was a shame not to have allowed the bracelet, said the left-wing politician. Her liberal colleague Abir Al-Sahlani accused Qatar of racism. “If they were Europeans, this treatment wouldn’t exist,” she said, referring to migrant workers in Qatar. They exist because they are Asian and because they are poor.

On Thursday, the EU Parliament will vote on a resolution on the World Cup. The speeches could provide a foretaste of what position Parliament will agree on.

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