Flash Decision from OKX: Will Delist Cryptocurrency of Popular US Stock Exchange!

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX has announced that it will delist the stablecoin Gemini Dollar (GUSD), owned by popular US cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

OKX announced on Jan. 30 that Gemini’s stablecoin is GUSD. TSI 1February 11:00‘also will unlist announced. Stock market delist decision token listing, removal guide and to user feedback he stopped.

News New York Department of Financial Services Gemini he is investigating It was published on the same day as the news. According to the news of Axios dated January 30, the authorities said that the GUSD collateral Federal Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that it is insured by information to deceive customers launched an investigation against Gemini on the grounds that it was issued.

Collaterals of Gemini native stablecoin GUSD only in foreign banks Although it implies that the portion of the information provided is insured by the FDIC, customers pretty obscure and during his contacts with the stock market All funds are insured reported that they acted with thought.

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