First Vaccine Against Dwarfism Approved

A US pharmaceutical company shared that the first vaccine they developed against the disease, which is one of the genetic causes of dwarfism, was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), developed by BioMarin, is one of the most common causes of dwarfism. achondroplasia The first to have positive results against approved the vaccine announced.

According to the news of Euronews, it was approved and made available on Friday. voxzogo in children treated with the drug, compared to patients who were administered daily and treated with placebo in clinical tests. to 1.6 centimeters per year It has been reported that it provides taller elongation.

Children receiving treatment may have nearly the same height as their peers.

In its statement, the developer company BioMarine; people with achondroplasia who are treated with Voxzogo during childhood almost the same height as their peers noted that it is possible to reach the length. “There is no question that the drug will make a big difference for patients,” BioMarin General Manager, who used the expressions, said that the main difference is to drive or not and to reach the items in the cabinets. everyday things stated that.

Annual treatment fee 320 thousand dollars It was stated that the number of potential buyers of the drug in the USA is 3 thousand. From this new drug, the firm’s annual 1 billion dollars expected to generate revenue.


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Voxzogo treatment developed against achondroplasia does not have any effect against life-threatening factors such as hearing loss, sleep apnea and skeletal problems due to the disease. protection No information was shared as to whether it was provided or not.

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