First Post-Opening Images and Information from Togg Factory

A special press tour was held at the Togg factory, which opened on October 29, 2022. We convey new information about Togg and special images that have never been released from inside the factory.

A special team of 26 people consisting of 20 automobile journalists, 5 YouTubers and 1 technology editor went to Togg’s Gemlik Factory, after the opening on 29 October press tour for the first time joined.

Founder of Auto Newspaper Ahmet Celik was also among the names participating in the press tour. He shared the images he took inside the factory, the special statements of CEO Gürcan Karakaş and the information you will learn about Togg for the first time with Webtekno.

At the press conference held at the Togg factory, CEO Gürcan Karakaş answered the questions and explained the details about Togg that you will hear for the first time:

Photo: Ahmet Celik

1. The Togg factory operates with 90% automation, 250 robots are on duty:

Photo: Ahmet Celik

  • The factory works with 90% automation.
  • 250 robots work from body to paint. 210 of them are in the trunk section. 30 of them in paint. The remaining 10 are on the final assembly line.
  • The robots were named after the first 250 employees. The robot that made the first welding is named after Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş.

2. Togg C-SUV specifications will be as follows:

Photo: Ahmet Celik

  • There will be 2 different versions of the Togg C-SUV, rear-wheel drive (159.9 kW) and four-wheel drive (320 kW).
  • Range options are also determined as 300 km and 500+ km.
  • The size of the screen, which is the control panel, was standardized to 29 inches and produced by Vestel.
  • It has an Android-based native operating system.
  • The Snapdragon SA8155P processor platform produced by Qualcomm is used to manage all of Togg’s systems.
  • The battery warranty will be 8 years or 160 thousand kilometers.
  • It is aimed to get 5 stars from Euro NCAP.
  • The overall vehicle will have a 3-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty. The stainless warranty will be 10 years.

3. Charging possibilities and battery specifications:

  • Togg has made an agreement with Shell over the Trugo brand, which will enable more than 600 charging locations in 81 provinces.
  • In line with Trugo’s goals, it primarily identified 400 Shell stations.
  • Togg will be responsible for the installation of devices in 320 of these locations, and Shell & Turcas in 80.
  • The number of high-performance chargers to be installed in these 400 locations is approximately 600.
  • Chargers; It will be established every 25 square kilometers on routes with high traffic density, and every 50 square kilometers in areas with low density.
  • The capacities of the devices at Trugo charging stations will be 180 kW and 300 kW.
  • With high-speed chargers, a battery will be able to reach 80 percent charge from 20 percent charge in an average of 25 minutes.

4. The paint line for Togg cars consists of 310 meters:

Photo: Ahmet Celik

  • The paint line is the cleanest paint facility in Europe.
  • At the same time, this paint line consists of 310 meters. All stages are completed with robots.
  • The air accumulated here is cleaned by the combustion line, which reaches a temperature of 700 degrees, and is released into the nature with zero emissions.
  • While there is a cleaning room so that there is no dust on the paint line, ostrich feathers specially brought from Australia are used to clean the dust on the vehicles.

5. Until the end of the year, 165 Toggs will be produced for testing purposes, and in the following period, the target is to produce 1 Togg in 3 minutes:

  • All 165 Toggs will be produced for testing and further processing.
  • It takes 8 hours to make a Togg from scratch.
  • Once the factory is fully operational, 1 Togg will be produced every 3 minutes.
  • For this, the production of 20 pieces per hour will increase to 25 and 30 in time.
  • In the first year, 20 thousand units will be produced.
  • All Togg models will be produced on the same line.
  • The production line will be able to switch between models in 15 seconds.
  • For example, the SUV model will be ready for the production of the Sedan model in 15 seconds.
  • The design of the line belongs entirely to Togg employees.
  • The local rate is 51 percent, the target is to increase it to 68 percent. When looked at as a part, locality is around 75-76 percent.

6. All Togg models will be produced on a single line, and the design of this line is entirely owned by Togg employees:

Photo: Ahmet Celik

  • While all the parts of Togg are supplied daily by the suppliers, the dashboard of the vehicle is produced in this factory.
  • The seat and 500-kilogram battery pack used in the Togg are also transported by the rail system, and can move up to the area where the vehicle is mounted.
  • In the assembly line of the car, the integration of the battery pack, roof glass, rims and tires with the vehicle is completed.
  • The assembly of the battery is carried out by fully automated systems.

7. The Togg factory currently employs 1100 people:

  • 410 workers and 50 engineers work on the lines in the factory. The number of employees under the roof of Togg is currently 1100 people.
  • In March 2023, the number of employees is 1800; when the factory reaches full capacity, the number of employees will reach 4,300.

8. Togg’s model names will be determined from letters only:

  • Togg’s best-selling model will be the C-SUV.
  • CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated that it will be assertive not only in Turkey but also in the world in terms of price.
  • The names of the Togg models will be determined by the coding method, in the form of letters or numbers. Thus, there will be no need for the survival investment cost of the name.

9. Togg may be listed on the stock market in the future, the amount of investment made so far has reached 1.3 billion euros:

  • CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated that Togg may be listed on the stock exchange in Turkey or abroad.
  • By March 2023, the investment amount is expected to reach 1.8 billion euros, reaching 1.3 billion euros so far.
  • 500 million Euro of the total investment is the capital of the partners.
  • The rest consists of loans with foreign shares, a small amount of which is obtained from domestic financial institutions.
  • By the end of 2023, a total of 1.8 billion Euros will be spent on Togg. This resource includes investments in smart device, campus and technology development.
  • Togg’s vision for 2030 is to reach an investment of 3.5 billion euros.
  • The same vision includes reaching a total production of 1 million units by 2030.
  • Togg will make an investment of 3.5 billion euros spread over 15 years.
  • This investment covers 5 different models of smart devices (i.e. cars), 175,000 units of production and the core of the mobility ecosystem.

10. As you use Togg, mile points will accumulate on Turkish Airlines:

Photo: Ahmet Celik

  • Togg has met with 300 startups so far, shaking hands with 16 of them.
  • These partners include mostly digital app startups.
  • According to Karakaş’s statements, one of the solutions is a service that will make it possible to accumulate miles from THY as you use Togg.
  • These digital services and applications within Togg will be designed according to their counterparts in the country serving abroad. Togg Europe will work for this.

11. Togg price will be announced in February 2023, pre-orders start in February 2023, deliveries start in March…

  • This price will be competitive in its class, including internal combustion models.
  • All pre-orders will begin to be taken from February 2023.
  • Togg’s priority will be individual users.
  • Approvals are expected for the first Togg deliveries by the end of March. Deliveries will begin at the end of March.
  • The vehicle can be purchased from experience centers for Togg and even delivered to homes.
  • 20 thousand Toggs, which will be produced during the first year, will be delivered to their buyers in 2023, primarily for individual users.
  • The State Supply Office gave a purchase guarantee for a total of 30 thousand units, of which 2 thousand Toggs per year.
  • In addition, Toggs will be sent to Ambassadors, but these Toggs will not be able to travel in that country if they have not been type-approved in the country of duty.
  • The European market will enter 18 months after the first Togg hits the road.

​ ​Ahmet Çelik, who participated in the first press tour held at Togg’s Gemlik Factory, shared his impressions with us as follows:

Photo: Ahmet Celik

Let’s come to my impressions as an automotive journalist of 27 years… The following observations and experiences are my personal views on what I saw in the automobile factories I visited and visited in Europe, America, Japan and China over the years.

First I have to say this; There is a factory and it is very, very technological. In fact, robots actually work here! There are also fully electric cars! I used it on the test track too! He is also extremely trustworthy, extremely intelligent and technological. So don’t believe the lies of social media…

After touring the factory, we drove the cars on the test track. Then, Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş first made a presentation and then answered our questions. Everyone asked any question they wanted. There were no questions or time constraints. You can be sure of that. The summoned press consisted of automotive journalists. In other words, there was no distinction between “pro” or “opposition” media. There was the spokesperson, Yeni Şafak, Sabah and Hürriyet.

I can say that there were automotive journalists who were invited based on merit rather than newspapers. Yes, after these short sincere thoughts, let’s come to what Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş told us and what he told us in the question and answer part. I can summarize the highlights of the conversations that lasted 2 hours as follows.

The subject of “domestic and national”, which is commented by those who do not know:

Togg is a national project. It is a 100% domestic project whose intellectual and industrial property rights belong to 100% of Turkey and from this point of view, naturally. Today, property rights determine locality, not the number of parts you use.

Togg supplied 75 percent of its suppliers from Turkey for its first smart device, the C-SUV. This ratio corresponds to 51 percent in terms of value. Togg’s goal is to reach a locality rate of 68 percent in the next three years.

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