First of its kind: MediaTek Pentonic 2000 announced!

MediaTek, which produces processors for many products of the mobile world, especially for smart phones, also designs chips for televisions. that will give life to current smart televisions. MediaTek Pentonic 2000brings important innovations, especially energy efficiency, to its kind.

MediaTek’s new chip not only brings current standards, but also realizes a first among television chips. We have compiled the features of the chip for you.

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MediaTek Pentonic 2000, the first TV processor in the 7nm range

With the announcement made by MediaTek today, The most powerful TV processor ever announced. The most striking aspect of this processor is 7nm have gone through the fabrication process. While seeing such a small transistor range in desktop processors, it is a first to see such a production in smart televisions.

Pentonic 2000 offers main features in that:

Fabrication: 7nm transistor pitch
Maximum resolution: 8K
Maximum refresh rate: 120Hz
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E and 5G (built-in)
HDMI: version 2.1
Codec: H.266 support and other available standards

Having a 7nm transistor gap in a television chip means a huge advantage in efficiency. Because the low power consumption brought by the low nanometer allows you to see the difference in electricity bills more clearly. Thanks to the low power consumption provided, manufacturers can be flexible in achieving higher performances.

Although 8K resolution is still considered a luxury MediaTek Pentonic 2000With this resolution, it can also offer a 120Hz refresh rate. We can understand how performance the processor is from this claim. According to MediaTek’s announcement, this new generation chip will meet with the consumer in the second quarter of 2022. Although we do not know from which manufacturers the televisions using this processor will come, this chip is a big step for smart televisions.

The next generation in smart TVs

Although many televisions in the smart television market currently support 4K resolution, 8K support is not avoided in the upper segment. With the emergence of the new generation game consoles, the demand for 8K increased, and the demand for refresh rate also arose. Especially console players know that high refresh rates are essential for a smoother experience in games.

Although the MediaTek Pentonic 2000 is the first processor to combine 8K and 120Hz, other manufacturers will soon start making this claim.

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