First Images of Nothing Phone Revealed

We talked about Nothing Phone, which is quite different from today’s phones with its design. We learned that the famous technology YouTuber Marques Brownlee received a Nothing Phone, and in this way, several features, including its design, were revealed.

In the past weeks, we have made the news of Nothing Phone, the first promotional image of which appeared, and even there ‘this looks like an iPhone’ We used a phrase. If you wish, you can reach our content below. According to a recent report, the first images of Nothing Phone appeared with a few features.

There’s a lot of excitement and excitement about Carl Pei’s return to smartphones with the Nothing Phone, but we’ll see if the device really lives up to expectations. ahead of its launch with new images emerging Our first look at Nothing Phone and its ‘lights’.

Here’s the video showing the Nothing Phone in its unusual design:

Famous tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee He posted a new video on his YouTube channel today and gave his first look at Nothing Phone. We’ve only seen some images and short videos so far, along with Marques’ video we can get a good look at the phone.

As said before, Nothing Phone features a dual camera design and flat metal edges. Very similar to iPhone 12 or 13. On the front, there are also medium-sized bezels that we often see in today’s market, but there is a hole for the selfie camera instead of a notch like the iPhone’s notch.


First Promotional Image of ‘Nothing Phone’, One of the Most Curious Phones of the Year: Will the iPhone ‘Flip’?

Of course, the most important difference in design is that the device “transparentIt’s the back where the ” design gives it a very unique look compared to most devices. The transparent back cover is a special feature under the glass with lights that serve several functions as well as a way to make the design stand out. Features a “glyph” design.

Not only does it look cool, there are some things the lights in Nothing Phone can do. real functions are also available. For example, the backlights of the phone; lights up to show notifications, lights up when you use reverse wireless charging, charging process of wired charging (you need to shake the phone to show it), fill light for cameras, flashing red light when recording video, and ringtones with built-in flashing light.

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