First Images From League of Legends Fighting Game Have Arrived

The first images came from the fighting game codenamed ‘Project L’ in the League of Legends universe. As for when the game, which was announced two years ago, will be released, developer company Riot stated that it is too early to give a date.

Two years ago, in 2019, the famous game company Riot’s Project A, Project F and Project L codenames were announced. three mystery projects We had heard that it was. Later these “A stylish competitive tactical shooter for PC” It turned out that the first, defined as Valorant, “A project exploring the possibilities of traveling the world of Runeterra with your friends” For the second project, which is defined as “, no official statement has been made yet.

A fighting game set in the League of Legends universe. Project L.Finally, new images came from this weekend. In a new video released showing what we can expect from the game, Riot’s lead developers Tom and Tony Cannon, gave some details about the team’s design philosophy for the game.

It’s still too early to give a release date.

Accordingly, the new fighting game; ‘combat based’ it will be a game. In a blog post detailing the developer team’s intentions for the game; The purpose of the game is to the players “easy to learn but hard to master a mentality” to give and “Where the FGC (the fighting game community) can be deeply invested in, playing for years or even decades super high quality fighting game is said to create.

That’s why the team, aiming to appeal to competitive gamers, created the online experience. make the best Working on how to get it. For this topic, Tom Cannon, “We’re adding Riot’s existing technologies, such as RiotDirect, to League Of Legends and Valorant. minimizing ping He’s doing a great job” uses expressions. Here’s a first look at the new fighting game set in the LoL universe:

project L


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However, it seems that it is not reasonable to expect the game to be released soon. One of the main reasons for posting the video is to let fans know how the game’s development time is going. keep informed and updated Stating that this is true, Riot Games has to give an exact release date. it’s still pretty early reported that.

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