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a scientist in the United States, first COVID-19 patient made a new claim. coronavirus It will be about two years since the pandemic began. In this two-year period, scientists are both developing new treatments and investigating the source of the virus.

world Health OrganizationA team assigned by . , conducted a deep research to find the source of the virus. As a result of this research, a virus from the lab they announced it was out. If the first patient Wuhanone in male accountant they said it was. However, there is a new claim to the contrary.

Pfizer announced that it has developed a COVID-19 pill!

Pfizer announced that it has developed a COVID-19 pill. The pharmaceutical company announced that the treatment in question was 90 percent successful.

First COVID-19 patient leaves the livestock market

from the University of Arizona researcher Michael WorobeyHe said the town of Huanan was the source of the pandemic. Worobey, who has been working on viruses for many years, stated that the first patient was not the person WHO claimed. resounding article science published in the magazine.

Who is the first COVID-19 patient?

CBS NewsAccording to the news of Worobey again for the first COVID-19 patient Wuhanheaded to. However, this person in the livestock market a woman selling seafood claimed it was. Virologist Michael Worobey’s work reinforces claims that the source of the pandemic is an animal, not a laboratory.

It should be noted that although it has been almost two years since the pandemic began, there is still no evidence of the source of the virus. Discussions about the source of the virus continue among scientists. However, Worobey analyzed cases reported to two hospitals before the pandemic alert. The cases are largely livestock markets or related to that region.

WHO had shown one unconnected to the market for the first COVID-19 patient. WHO, this person sick from December 8 had pointed out. However, according to Worobey by December 16 He wasn’t that sick. Worobey bases this claim on hospital records matching the 41-year-old man. Thus, the first case actually worked in the market and sick on December 11 was a woman. Worobey’s claim is in the WHO research team. Peter Daszak announced his participation.

Worobey, New York Times“In this city of 11 million people, half of the first cases are associated with a place the size of a football field. If the epidemic did not start in the market, this model becomes very difficult to explain.” said.

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