First Advertising Campaigns of Famous Brands in Turkey

If we go to the years when shampoo was first used instead of soap in our country, most of us would not be old enough to remember these years. We have compiled for you the first advertising campaigns of world giant brands in Turkey during the period when ice-cold colas and colorful hair dyes entered the country.

While scrolling through social media dozens of product promotions are falling or we wait for the 5-10 second ad to end as soon as possible in order to continue the video you watch on the internet. Even while reading this content, advertisements of brands welcome us somewhere on the screen.

What about in the years when the advertising industry was not so advanced with technology? published in newspapers, printed on large paper posters Are you ready to go on a nostalgic tour where you can examine the advertisements?

Burger King’s arch-rival, one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to fast food restaurants: McDonald’s

The big-hearted drug that was found about 125 years ago but still manages to fight many problems today: Aspirin


Indispensable for wedding tables and celebrations, we could not convince our grandmothers that there is no “yellow water” or “yellow coke”: Fanta


Nestle Chokella, who introduced a generation to hazelnut cream and created an explosion of flavor when it met with a hot baked bread and a spoon:


Coca-Cola, the drink that is a guest at the long and magnificent Ramadan tables in its advertisements, and the footsteps of refreshment are heard from the lid when it is opened: Coca-Cola

Coca Cola

The name of choice for personal care for many years, from blue canned moisturizers to body lotions, from sunscreens to deodorants: Nivea




Harley Davidson


Detergent brand that is friendly to whites and vibrant colors and convinces us that dirty is good: Omo


The fizzy drink that is remembered with its blue emblem and its endless struggle with Coca-Cola: Pepsi-Cola

pepsi cola

Indispensable for “dizzying full hair”, the name that introduced shampoo to Turkey: Blendax


The architect of many products from televisions to small household appliances and the technology product of Philips, which brings our country together with ITU TV: Philips Refrigerator


Nestle Cocoa

nestle cocoa

Automobile giant, which means “people’s car” with its Volvos and classic models: Volkswagen


The brand responsible for fly-slip shaves, which caused the name of the razor to evolve: Gillette

in the gillet

The most striking and “If I were in those years, I would be impressed!” You can share the product or products you want with us in the comments.


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