Fired Employee Sues Apple

Apple fired an employee who raised allegations such as internal harassment and sexism the other day. The employee, who was fired suddenly and without fully explaining the reasons, files a lawsuit against the company.

Just days before the launch, Apple is on the agenda with a topic that is as talked about as the new iPhone family. An Apple employee named Ashely Gjovik has been voicing various allegations of harassment, bullying and sexism at the company on Twitter for a while. #AppleToo There was a very meaningful situation yesterday on the agenda, which became very hot after the movement and the statements of other Apple employees on the subject.

Apple abruptly fired its employee, which he had put on administrative leave a while ago due to his allegations. Sharing confidential information as a reason, and ‘intellectual property infringement’ However, the company did not respond to the question of what the confidential information was shared. Before dismissing Gjovik, Apple, who invited him to meet on the subject and refused the request for ‘the meeting to take place in writing’, fired Gjovik immediately after this.

Gjovik sues:

Gjovik recently shared that his private lawsuit against Apple has been approved by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and California’s Department of Fair Employment & Housing. This is Gjovik What claims will he bring to the lawsuit? not yet known.


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Along with the lawsuit, cases such as racism, sexism, harassment and bullying, which are alleged to have been going on at Apple for a long time, have been brought by managers and Tim Cook. not taken seriously enough We can say that the subject will be discussed for a while. However, it is a big mystery whether the outcome of the case will be in favor of Gjovik.

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