Finance Giant Turns Eyes On This Altcoin Project: 3 Reasons To Buy

Nasdaq analysts drew attention to a popular altcoin, Holo (HOT), in their recent posts. Analysts offered 3 reasons to buy this altcoin. We will be sharing these reasons…

Analysts offered 3 reasons to buy altcoin HOT

Analysts primarily consider the environmental impact of the altcoin. It is clear that the world is more acutely aware of the environmental impacts of our energy consumption. Being an eco-friendly option in the crypto world is definitely a bonus. Holochain is trying to provide an alternative to the energy-consuming proof-of-work (PoS) consensus algorithm used by various cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Holochain uses hash tables, very different from existing consensus mechanisms of most networks. This essentially means that there is no consensus algorithm. Accordingly, the energy density for validating transactions in this network is extremely low.

Second, analysts point to validators on the network. In most blockchains, a global ledger is kept up to date through an army of miners or stakers. These nodes verify transactions and ensure the ledger is always correct. However, Holochain has become popular because of its distributed hash table approach to verification. Many have called Holochain an “agent-centric” network. Each node holds a special fork stored in a distributed hash table. Individual nodes can simply confirm transactions. Global consensus is not required. Thus, Holochain can process transactions faster and more cost-effectively than most networks using this approach.

The final reason Nasdaq analysts cited for buying HOLO was that Holochain has not yet started its beta phase. According to analysts, the project is still in the early stages of its roadmap, so there are major hurdles to overcome. Although the mainnet has not been launched yet, once the Beta is online, anyone will be able to download the software and become a Holochain server and earn HoloFuel. HOT can be converted to Holofuel after Beta launch. HoloFuel will be the token that runs the network. According to analysts, this may increase interest.

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