Fight for the Ministry of Finance: Habeck does not want to discuss positions – domestic politics

One thing was considered set for a traffic light government: The SPD provides the chancellor, the green make the environment / climate – and the FDP guards the treasury.

But: think!

Despite all the expressions of harmony: two Traffic light men wrestle for the Germany cash register! Green leader Robert Habeck (52) makes FDP boss Christian Lindner (42) disputes the key department.

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One of the reasons: Habeck’s co-boss Annalena Baerbock (40) wants the environment department, but the Ministry of the Interior remains for Habeck. With that he strangers.

The Greens put pressure on:

► Federal Vice-President Ricarda Lang (27) on BILD: “I think it would make sense if we as Greens shape the future in this ministry.”

► BaWü Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz (38, Greens) on Habeck: “He has prepared himself thoroughly for this task.”

And Habeck? Called the discussion – currently – “not helpful”, said yesterday to BILD: “Now the way to the coalition talks is clear.”

The FDP is alarmed – and irritated!

► Party leader Lindner named on Sunday evening in the BILD talk “The right questions” three key departments that the SPD, Greens and FDP have to divide: “Finance, an environment / climate ministry and labor and social affairs”.

Before the election he himself “declared his readiness” to take over the finance ministry.

Now he said on BILD Live about the post of finance minister that the content is decisive, not the people …

► The key is that the fundamentals of the traffic light financial policy have already been laid down: debt brake, no tax increases, adherence to the EU Stability Pact.

On the other hand, the establishment of special funds “outside the budget” is not stipulated – a Green demand for climate investments …

Lindner’s problem: According to the election result, the SPD and the Greens first have access rights.

What if the Greens take over the Treasury? Linder at BILD Live: “I wouldn’t deny anyone’s competence, but what percentage you have achieved cannot be decisive …”

Green climate policy AND green financial policy – that would be too much for Lindner’s party friends:

► Florian Toncar (41), on BILD: “In Christian Lindner we have a chairman who would be an excellent finance minister.”

►FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki (69) says: If Lindner did not become finance minister, the FDP would have “the cake on its face”.

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