FIFA announces automatic offside project

Offside and referees are among the most controversial issues in today’s football matches. the last day Spain with France in the match between by Kylian Mbappé His position sparked great controversy. Then, making a statement on the subject Fifaintroduced the automatic offside project.

Tuesday in Paris at the press conference held Arsène Wenger, FIFA Head of Global Football Development, made the following statement:

As part of the development and evolution of refereeing, we believe the offside rule will become automatic in the future. There are many possibilities. We can’t share them all with you right now. However, we continue to work on it. I can say that we aim to be one of the greatest developments in refereeing.

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If the offside rule is automatic, can it prevent arguments?

FIFA, He is aware of referee mistakes and position discussions in almost every part of the world recently. For this reason, he said that he wanted to make a revolution in football. Because with the automatic cameras in the matches, it is seen that the assistant referees are in constant communication with the middle referee by monitoring the positions. VAR system even he did not succeed in preventing the offside arguments.

Especially Spain with France meeting the ball in the match played between footballer The goal was scored even though he was clearly offside. Reviewing the position after the referee’s decision YES Room, Eric Garciathat he deliberately touched the ball, therefore Mbappé Convinced that the goal remains valid despite being offside Taylor’of confirmed his decision.

Although the goal was scored due to the rule, it caused controversy among the leading names and commentators of the football world. That’s why the highest authority in world football at FIFA set out to fix this. If the automatic offside system is adopted, this new system will be implemented next year at the earliest. World Cup It is expected that we will see it in the competitions.

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Good news for football fans: Free eFootball 2022 is out!

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What is the VAR system?

THERE IS, aka Video Referee Application first time 2018 World Cup’was used in. In this system, if the middle referee of the match cannot see a position clearly or makes an erroneous decision while the match is in progress, YES Room The position of the other referees is being watched again.

France with Australia Losing control of the position in the match played between Andres Cunha, THERE IS system and asked the referees to examine the position. Next of Cunha confirming his suspicions YES Room, asked for a detailed look at the position through the monitor on the field. Then the middle referee showed the penalty spot. With this competition played 3 years ago, THERE IS system has officially entered our lives.

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