“Ferrari Should Never Build Autonomous Vehicles”

In a conversation between Elon Musk and Stellantis CEO John Elkann at Italian Tech Week, the duo stated that Ferrari should never enter the autonomous car business, and that the reason behind owning a Ferrari is to “drive that vehicle”.

As you know, the automobile industry is fighting hard to bring the safest and most successful autonomous cars to the market. Although Tesla is at the beginning of this struggle, dozens of brands have added autonomous driving features to their vehicles. an important role in changing the future of automobiles playing.

Although it is easy and extremely safe for drivers, there are some names that should not join this caravan. Italian auto giant Ferrari is among these names, and Tesla CEO Musk and Stellantis CEO Elkann are just two of the names that agree with this view. Two CEOs who came together at Italian Tech Week, Why Ferrari should never enter the autonomous car business told.

Autonomous driving goes against Ferrari’s nature

It would not be right to imagine autonomous vehicle technologies for sports or supercars. After all, these tools to respond as quickly as possible to the driver’s responses and maximize performance. was designed. Therefore, it would be extremely wrong to expect features such as autopilot from vehicles that can go much faster than other cars on the road.

Musk and Elkann agree exactly. Elkann, who is also Ferrari’s interim Chief Executive Officer, “The point of owning a Ferrari is to drive it” uses expressions. Musk said that some people still like to ride fast ‘stallions’ like Ferraris. “already included in the logo” states.

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