Features of Xiaomi’s Dual Front Camera Phone Civi 2

New information has emerged about the Civi 2 phone, which Xiaomi is expected to introduce soon. The notch design of the phone brings to mind “Can it be introduced with a Dynamic Island-like feature?” brought questions.

Introduced with the iPhone 14 family introduced in September, Dynamic Island is actually “short noticeIt appeared as a more detailed version of the ” feature. As soon as this feature is introduced, first In a theme for MIUI later too As a 3rd party app had appeared.

Redmi’s boss says we may see a similar feature on MIUI devices soon. gave the signals. The Civi 2 model, which we came across in the past days and will be one of the new favorites of Xiaomi, has a screen design similar to the iPhone 14.Could this be the first Dynamic Island Android phone?” brought questions to mind.

Unlike its predecessor, it can be sold worldwide

The Civi 1 and Civi 1S models, the predecessors of the Xiaomi Civi 2, were only sold in China and were still a great success. According to the information that has emerged in the past days, Civi 2, Although it was first released in China, it will soon be released. It can be offered for sale all over the world, including our country..

When we look at the design of the phone, it is noteworthy that there are two selfie cameras on the front of the screen. These two cameras are basically functions as a pair of eyes and with the support of artificial intelligence, these two cameras are both normal cameras depending on the situation. It can also work as an ultra-wide-angle camera.. After two cameras take pictures at the same time, artificial intelligence combines these two pictures. offers high quality photos.

The notch that covers these two cameras is very similar to the notch in the iPhone 14 family, it makes you think “I wonder?” brought the question. Usually software features first introduced with a single device and then brought to all devices For now, it is a matter of curiosity whether Xiaomi will offer a Dynamic Island-like feature to MIUI users with this design.


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In addition, according to the information received, Xiaomi Civi 2, It could be introduced with the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset.

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