Feature that will make it easier to follow the price hikes from Steam!

Steam is getting a very important feature to track the price of the games listed in the store. Thanks to the innovation tested on the platform, a game lowest price in the last 30 days can be seen. This follows a directive from the European Union that aims to ensure transparency in selling prices.

Steam gets ‘lowest price in last 30 days’ update

First available for EU countries, the service is the lowest price of a product offered on Steam in the last 30 days. is showing. In this way, players can see the sales prices clearly. This change aims to avoid misleading selling prices and inflating prices to give discounts.

Although unofficial, it is possible to follow prices on Steam. SteamDB Some third-party extensions, such as Steam, track the prices of products on Steam. You can access the prices of the games from these platforms.

The list is mixed: the best-selling games on Steam have been revealed!

The list is mixed: the best-selling games on Steam have been revealed!

SteamDB has updated the bestseller list of the week. So what games are on the list? Here are the best selling games!

The Omnibus Directive, directed by the European Union to technology giants a while ago, aims to protect users against misleading pricing. The Directive promotes price transparency. Thanks to the new feature of Steam, the discount policy of the publishers can be followed.

The bestsellers in Steam Turkey between May 23 and May 30 are as follows;

Order Game Price
one Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free to Play
2 EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 699.99 TL
3 The Outlast Trials 280.00 TL
4 Ready or Not 99.00 TL
5 Destiny 2 Free to Play
6 Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition 329.00 TRY
7 DOOM Eternal 349.00 TL
8 Mortal Kombat 11 669.00 TRY
9 Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II 604.45 TL (-45%)
10 Battlefield™ 2042 599.99 TL

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