FDP convenes committees for 1 p.m. – Traffic light presents coalition agreement today

the The top of the CDU facilitates the process of applying for postal voting documents for the member survey about a new party leader. Every member will now receive their voting documents – even those who have not yet responded in writing, the CDU board decided unanimously in a hybrid meeting on Monday, according to information from the German Press Agency from among participants. Previously, there had been displeasure with the procedure in the deliberations of the CDU presidium – so far, the sending of the election documents had to be expressly requested.

From the circles it was said that anyone who had not yet sent a reply letter with the request to send the voting documents as part of the written registration could participate with the procedure that has now been decided. Then participation is “lower threshold”. The presidential candidate Norbert Röttgen, who is the only one of the three applicants at the top of the CDU, agreed to the procedure. So far, according to this information, around 36 percent of the around 400,000 members have registered for the survey. That is a good value for the brevity of time. The registration process ends by post on November 26th, for the online process on December 2nd.

Kuban was reluctant to comment on the power struggle for the CDU chairmanship. He will choose Merz, but the Junge Union as a whole “will no longer make its own positioning”. When the JU members were questioned at the previous election at the beginning of the year, the winner was Friedrich Merz, recalled Kuban.

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