FCN: This is what coach Olaf Brosius thinks of his striker Robert Klauss – 2nd Bundesliga

Half for fun, half serious: A good two weeks ago, Olaf Brosius (58), the head coach of the national division SSV Markranstädt, called Robert Klauss (36). And asked him if he didn’t want to play in the Saxony Cup. The club coach agreed. BILD spoke to Brosius about the appearance of the club trainer.

BILD: Were you afraid of tactically hiring your celebrity colleague?

Brosius: “Not at all. We have known each other for a long time and have a very good relationship. Robert has often played under my direction. He is very down to earth and always fits into the community immediately. “

BILD: So he didn’t recommend an asymmetrical left-back for the trophy?

Brosius (laughs): “No, not even a declining 10. He would never do anything like that. That is not his nature. He takes things from me, maybe evaluates them for himself. But he would never come up to me and say: What the hell did you coach. By the way, it was great that he wasn’t too bad to show my substitutes a warm-up program on Friday. “

BILD: So the nomination wasn’t a one-time PR gag?

Brosius: “No! We don’t have a player like him in our squad who can be brought on coldly in the 75th minute and who turns half a chance into a goal. I compare him a little with Nils Petersen, who is always hot right away. I could well imagine that Robert would play for us again someday. “

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