FCN: This is how club professional Fabian Nürnberger wants to annoy Hamburger SV! – 2nd Bundesliga

Born in Hamburg, lost again?

For the third time, Fabian Nürnberger (22) will play against his youth club (played at HSV up to U16) on Sunday (1.30 p.m.). The last and only time he was on the pitch in the Volksparkstadion, it was a hefty 1: 4 bankruptcy in January 2020.

Something like that shouldn’t happen again this time in front of up to 25 friends and family members. Nürnberger to BILD: “We’re in a good mood and don’t have to tremble at Hamburg. You should never be too afraid of your opponent, no matter who is standing in front of you. “

Even if the club has only defeated HSV three (!) Times in 32 duels since 1992 – Nürnberger knows how to crack the feared opponent this time: “This is a different Hamburg than in previous years. You play much more courageously in the game structure and have completely different processes in the game. We have to take advantage of the mistakes that HSV made in the last few games due to its high risk. “

And of course, the man from Nuremberg would like to help out right from the start. He has only been allowed to start three times so far. The FCN professional seems to have found the reasons for his form low: “I let a little bit of negative things in my game drag me down too easily. From that I learned that it just doesn’t make any sense and was stupid of me. Now I am motivating myself positively. “

After all, there is a proud series to defend (only 1 defeat in 17 games). Who the last bankruptcy was against is not so important: It was of course HSV.

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