FC St. Paulis great record: With one toe in the Bundesliga – 2nd Bundesliga

The numbers after more than a third of the season are impressive for FC St. Pauli. Front runner, four points ahead of the relegation place, five on a non-promotion place.

And that means: St. Pauli is in the Bundesliga with one toe!

Since the introduction of the three-point rule (1995), nine teams each had 26 points after twelve match days. The clubs made it into the Bundesliga six times. Out of 25 teams with 26 points or more, 19 actually rose.

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Means: The chance of promotion for St. Pauli is currently 76 percent. A value that can change with every win, every draw and every defeat.

Local rivals HSV in particular had to experience this painfully over the past three years. Three times the Rothosen had a similarly good starting position with 24 points (18/19), 25 points (19/20) and 23 points (20/21), twice they were even in first place – and in the end each landed on the ungrateful fourth. Place.

Means: If St. Pauli – with 65 points from 34 games, incidentally also top of the annual table – is not as stupid as HSV, it could work with the promotion to the Bundesliga.

However, other clubs have already gambled away their top starting position after the first third of the season. Mainz 05 ended up in fourth place after 31 points at the start of the 2001/02 season.

In any case, at the beginning of November no one has made it into the Bundesliga. The players know that too. Captain Philipp Ziereis warns “What should we dream of March, April, May and anything about the ascent? Nobody has done well with it. We have always enjoyed thinking from week to week. For us, the only thing that counts for now

Sandhausen. “

Curious, by the way: The record after twelve games is almost identical to that of the 2009/10 season, when the Kiez kickers under Holger Stanislawski also scored 26 points and conceded one more goal than the current one with 28:12 goals.

At the end of the season, as is well known, the promotion to the Bundesliga was second.

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