FC Bayern: Türkgücü Munich is now reacting to the scandal Sports

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Brutal scenes in the Bavarian regional league!

During the Bayern amateurs’ away game at Türkgücü Munich on Saturday in Heimstetten, violence broke out between fans of the record champions and the police. The game was interrupted after a few minutes and no longer started. Videos show police officers beating fans with clubs and spraying pepper spray into the crowd.

BILD answers the most important questions!

What triggered the riot?

A banner with the inscription “FC Bayern Fan Club Kurdistan”, which was rolled out to the gang in front of the Bayern fan block immediately after kick-off. A political provocation for the home club Türkgücü, founded by Turkish migrants. Background: There is a conflict between the Turks and Kurds over the autonomy of the Kurdistan region.

Türkgücü perceived this banner on the Bayern fan block as a political provocation


Why did the situation escalate?

According to the police report, folders first tried to remove the poster. When they were attacked by Bayern fans with blows, the police moved in. Helmeted officers used pepper spray and batons to confiscate the banner and, at Türkgücü’s request, remove it from the stadium.

Who is behind the banner?

Not clear! According to BILD information, there is no official Bayern fan club with the name presented on the banner. The fan club “Kurdistan Fans” registered with the club is said to have nothing to do with the poster.

Were there any injuries?

Ten police officers and nine Bayern fans were injured, four of whom had to be hospitalized. A child is said to have been injured.

Who decides which posters are allowed to hang in the stadium?

House rules apply. The home club (in this case Türkgücü) may ban any form of flag, shirt or banner at its own discretion.

Is the banner also relevant under criminal law?

Probably not because it is only printed with the name of a fan club. The DFB will probably not start any investigations against Bayern either. The home club is responsible for the fact that the poster was able to get into the stadium, but they probably don’t have to fear any punishment on a sporting level. The police want to check whether there was any misconduct on the part of the officers.

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How is the abandoned game scored?

Open. Talks are underway between the two clubs and the Bavarian Football Association. Tendency: Since neither club can be held responsible for the demolition, it will probably be repeated.

What are the clubs saying?

FC Bayern said: “We deeply regret that people were injured in our amateurs’ away game at Türkgücü Munich. We are working closely with the Bavarian Football Association to clarify the incidents.” Türkgücü explained that he had informed FC Bayern officials in advance that they would not approve the banner shown in the first leg. “Unfortunately, the efforts of everyone involved and responsible for the two clubs were unsuccessful, so that a police operation to remove the banner became necessary.”

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