FBI warns of crypto scam on social media

Cryptocurrency world Its increasing popularity is also mobilizing scammers who aim to steal people’s money. FBI In the latest report he shared, investment fraudsters LinkedIn proved to be actively used.

FBI: Cryptocurrency scammers attack on LinkedIn

According to the FBI, scammers using LinkedIn to steal money from customers through cryptocurrency investments pose a “serious threat” to both the platform and its users. The FBI’s special agent, Sean Ragan, stated that the agency has witnessed a huge rise in investment-related fraud.

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investment fraudsters, Indeed or Zip Recruiter It has been stated that it targets people who have been unemployed for a long time through resumes on websites such as Another group of fraudsters has guaranteed or paid services. make money fast turned out to be promising.

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According to Special Agent Sean Ragan’s statement, the scammers, a fake LinkedIn profile creates and communicates with the LinkedIn user. It then offers the victim the opportunity to profit from their cryptocurrency investment. Alternatively, they can use a fake transfer to crypto wallet persuades him to do so.

Ragan said both employers and employees rely on popular platforms like LinkedIn. For this reason, he stated that people were more interested in the offer to make money from LinkedIn.

This is how criminals make money, they focus their time and attention on it. Also, they are always thinking of different ways to victimize people, to victimize companies.

FBI and CISA, cyberattack warning

LinkedIn’s scam In its latest report, 32 million fake accounts have been removed. specified. Automatic security mechanisms blocked 96 percent of fake accounts, of which 11.9 million were on signup and 4.4 million were proactive, according to CNBC.

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