FBI Shared A Secret Document About 9/11 Attacks

With the instruction of US President Joe Biden, the FBI opened the first of the secret documents of the September 11 attacks. The documents include details responding to allegations that the Saudi government assisted the two ‘hijackers’ who carried out the airstrike.

There has been an important development regarding the September 11 attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001, in which approximately 3,000 people lost their lives. Some time ago, it was reported that some documents would be declassified and shared with the public. After this news the first of the documents opened today.

The first document made available is with two of the hijackers who carried out the attacks. Allegations of connection between Saudi Arabia about. In the 16-page and partially edited document, a From the support of the Saudi citizen to the attacks There is no evidence of any direct link between the Saudi Arabian government and the attacks.

Documents from 2016 include witness statements:

Relatives of those who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks have long paid their respects to the US government. On the links between the Saudi Arabian government and the attacks puts pressure on the publication of documents containing information. In addition, Biden has been criticized for a while for not taking any steps in this regard.


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The document, which belongs to 2016, includes some details about a name on the FBI’s suspect list and witness statements. Saudi Arabian citizen and known to be a student in Los Angeles Omar al-Bayumi While it is mentioned that the person named is actually an intelligence agent, Al-Bayumi has two hijackers who carried out the attacks. logistical and financial support is expressed.

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