Fatih Altaylı’s RTÜK Statement Received An Answer

Last night, Fatih Altaylı, who spoke on the One on One Earthquake Special program, received a harsh response from the RTÜK President to his statements about RTÜK.

Journalist Fatih Altaylı made a striking claim about RTÜK during the broadcast on Habertürk screens last night. Altaylı said that they normally plan a charity broadcast for the evening, but that they received the “don’t do this” instruction from RTÜK. had suggested.

Today, regarding Fatih Altaylı’s statements, From RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin The explanation has come. Şahin’s statement published on the RTÜK website was as follows:

“Altaylı’s statement is a lie and slander”

“Fatih Altaylı did not act responsibly as usual and did not investigate. seeking manipulation. Instead of making separate aid campaigns by our responsive publishers, it was decided to jointly campaign for stronger support.

As RTÜK, we supported this. Campaign details will be announced in the coming days. It is out of the question for us to prevent aid campaigns, on the contrary, we have supported all aid campaigns. We will continue to support.

Fatih Altaylı’s statement is outright consists of lies and slander.

Fatih Altaylı replied to RTÜK during the broadcast:

“Some have said, ‘Fatih Altaylı is manipulating.’ Everyone here is a witness that I have not manipulated anything in my life. Fatih Altaylı does not manipulate. Whatever holy thing you want, we will step on it and talk. Fatih Altaylı did not manipulate in any area, know that.

I leave this profession, I do not manipulate. We are trying to do our best. We have not been anyone’s toy all our lives, we tried not to be. We may always have slipped unknowingly. We may have been misled, thus saying something wrong. But manipulation is not in our book.

Our book is the honest book. We talk about the truth. Those who want will be disturbed, those who want to threaten, I have never let them slip in my life. Good night to everyone. Our minds, our ideas, our everything is in the earthquake zone.”

Controversial statement by Fatih Altaylı:

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