Fast charging surprise from MediaTek Dimensity 7000

MediaTek, which has revealed some features in the past days, Dimensity 7000 New information about the processor has been leaked. Dimensity 7000, which will be produced with 5nm technology, will provide fast charging advantage to mid-upper segment devices.

Sharing information about new technologies on the Webio platform, Digital Chat Station shared the Dimensity 7000 processor this time. The processor, which is expected to be introduced soon, will more than meet the expectations according to the leaks.

MediaTek Dimensity 7000 will support 75W fast charging technology

MediaTek has launched its new processor from rival Qualcomm. Snapdragon 870 vs Snapdragon 888 between the processor. Especially the Chinese manufacturers, the company, will come up with a very competitive strategy.

Among the information leaked by Digital Chat Station, the new processor 75W fast charging It will also support the technology. Along with technical features such as processor, RAM and storage, battery technologies are among the factors affecting the purchase criteria.

In the processor called the refreshed Dimensity 1200 Arm Cortex-A78 and Arm Cortex-A55 cores are expected. The clock speeds of the cores to be used are not known yet.

The Dimensity 1200 processor has 200 Megapixel support. At least the new processor 200 Megapixels It is expected to come with support. It is also estimated that it will have better performance than the Dimensity 1200 processor in night shots and artificial intelligence supported photography.

On Dimensity 9000 processor Bluetooth 5.3 MediaTek, which comes out with its technology, can use the same technology in the Dimensity 7000 processor to increase the middle-upper segment competition.

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