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This farmer screwed up his farm week!

In the finale of “Bauer sucht Frau” professional matchmaker Inka Bause (53) made the love check on Tuesday evening. Who found the needle in the haystack and who backed the wrong horse? At the big reunion, the presenter wanted to know how her candidates were going.

When it was the turn of the TV single Erik (30), she couldn’t believe her ears.

Inka Bause (centre) invited all couples and singles to the grand finale. From left: Michael N. (52), Max (26), Loretta (32), Jörg (49), Theo (58), Michael K. (28), moderator Inka Bause, Maik (30), Martin (56), Arne (31), Ulf (31) and Erik. Not on the photo: Tade (26)

Photo: RTL / Guido Engels

Twelve lonely hearts hoped for happiness in love this season. Among them the cattle farmer from Thuringia. However, there was soon a frosty mood between him and his lady-in-waiting Julia (24). While she prodded him curiously, he had few questions. Disappointed and in tears, the office clerk broke off the dating experiment. Only now did it emerge that more had happened.

Before meeting again, the full-time paramedic had a lot of jitters. Erik: “I have mixed feelings, but I hope that we can get over it like adults.” In fact, the greeting was warm. In conversation with Inka Bause, however, his chosen one unpacked. About Erik’s speechlessness during the farm week, she said: “You were open to the barn festival. It was all so exuberant. But when I got to you, you were so calm. There were no more questions.”

When Inka wanted to know if there was a specific moment that broke the camel’s back, the gavel followed. Julia: “At the barn festival he called me his ex-girlfriend for the first time.” She dismissed that as excitement. But the faux pas made the farmer even more often. The blonde continued: “If that happens two or three more times at home and not just once, it just hurts.”

Inca was too shocked. The presenter was shocked: “No! Oh my!” Julia even believed that Erik was still mourning his ex. But he said: “I’ve been separated from her for over two years. So I’m not a syllable behind her anymore. ”He couldn’t believe that something like this happened to him. “I’m disappointed in myself,” said Erik, quite dejected. Inka advised him with a wink: “The next time you have a wife on the farm, take a look at the name again first.”

At first it looked sooo romantic: Erik drove his Julia to the yard in the wheelbarrow

At first it looked sooo romantic: Erik drove his Julia to the yard in the wheelbarrow

Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

At this reunion, the mood changed

TV farmer Theo (58) had decided against his two candidates for the barn festival. He met one again, and she was in a riot. Hungarian Helena (62) could not forgive the farmer from the Eiffel for the rebuff. The nurse believes: “Theo didn’t invite me to get to know me.” And: “There’s something wrong with this person.”

In his presence she got really angry, raged in front of everyone present: “I was ordered for you. And you were interested in everyone else, just not me.” There was an embarrassed silence in the group. Inka couldn’t mediate either. In a conversation with her, Theo revealed what exactly he didn’t like about Helena. At the barn festival she blasphemed loudly about her rival. Theo: “And now you’re so impulsive again. That doesn’t work at all.” The cattle farmer has now found happiness away from the TV cameras.

Neither Yvonne (56, left) nor Helena were able to win the heart of cattle farmer Theo

Neither Yvonne (56, left) nor Helena were able to win the heart of cattle farmer Theo

Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

This is where it got emotional

It got emotional again when farmer Loretta (32) sat next to Sascha (37), with whom she spent the farm week. There was no spark between her and the tram technician, but according to the single: “I am incredibly grateful to her for the week. She brought me back to life.”

What exactly he meant by that is explained by Sascha in a one-on-one interview. “I had a serious accident a year ago and was even in a wheelchair for a while.” Walking across the yard with Loretta still means a lot to him.

Loretta and Sascha did not become a couple, but good friends

Loretta and Sascha did not become a couple, but good friends

Photo: RTL

With them there was a turning point in love

Surprise at Lower Saxony Michael (52) and his Mandy (54). Both seemed totally in love during court weekbut didn’t have much to say to each other afterwards.

In return, Inka Bause caught the two of them chatting happily in the final. The farmer revealed: “We said that we would meet in November during a quiet time to see if anything could come of it.” End open…

Michael and Mandy seemed newly in love.  Both of them are now not so sure

Michael and Mandy seemed newly in love on the show. Both of them are now not so sure

Photo: RTL/Stefan Gregorowius

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