Famous Scam Singer Released His Own Memecoin, Earned Half a Million Dollars in Minutes: Solana’s Post Drawn a Reaction!

Famous Nigerian musician Davidoin his name “DAVIDOHe issued a cryptocurrency called ” and earned half a million dollars in a few hours.

DAVIDO token and the Nigerian singer known as a fraudster making a large amount of profit in a short time made a big impact in the market. Solana’s official X account published a welcome message to Nigerian scammer singer Davido.

solanaWhile this post of ‘s caused a reaction from crypto investors, ZachXBT He pointed out that Davido had supported some pyramid schemes in the past.

solana based memecoin There was a huge rise and fall in DAVIDO in a short time.

While DAVIDO was launched with pump and dump, Davido spent 7 SOL to purchase 20.3% of the total supply.

After the great rise, some He sold DAVIDOs for a profit of SOL 2,791 ($474.4 million).

Davido still holds 43.25 million DAVIDO tokens, making Davido the largest individual holding address, accounting for 4.32% of the total supply.

DAVIDO continues to trade at $0.00000965 at the time of writing.

*This is not investment advice.

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