Famous phenomenon Merve Taşkın acquitted

The phenomenon named Merve Taşkın was acquitted in the case where she was accused of exhibitionism on social media. Famous lawyer Feyza Altun and in addition Emrah Karatay accompanied the Phenomenon case. His lawyers also attended the case, in which he was acquitted. Lawyer Feyza Altun drew attention with the statements she made after the trial. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Merve Taşkın was accused of exhibitionism on social media.

Merve Taşkın was complained about that she shared obscene images on the social media platform and that she was therefore an exhibitionist. The famous phenomenon, whose statement was taken upon complaint, explained that the photos belonged to her and she did this just to increase the number of followers.

In the indictment, there were statements that he did not make any commercial sales over the images he shared, and that he thought the images he shared were not obscene.

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Merve Taşkın was demanded to be sentenced to a judicial fine of six months to three years and up to five thousand days. The second session of the case was held today and Merve Taşkın, together with her lawyers, participated in the case. the element of the crime related to obscenity does not occur was acquitted for

On the other hand, Feyza Altun stated that this decision would set a precedent after the trial and made the following statements:

“This was a very important decision. Because this case, which is an attack on women’s clothing and lifestyle in Turkey, was concluded in our favor.”

“I hope from now on our prosecutors will stop filing these lawsuits by saying that they only saw bikinis and décolletés, this is my wish as a lawyer.”

On the other hand, this decision was on the agenda both because the person on trial had been known for a long time and because social media was the focal point.

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