Famous Mod Maker Announces New Witcher 3 Graphics Mod

The mod maker “Halk Hogan”, famous for the graphic mods he prepared for The Witcher 3, announced today that he has prepared a mod that will overshadow the next generation update of the game.

Launched by CD Projekt RED in 2015, The Witcher 3 was both the biggest game the company had released to date, and it was still receiving updates even after 7 years. If you remember, recently the game next generation update With RTX and DLSS support, new mysteries were added to the Witcher universe, and armor and other items in Netflix’s Witcher series were added to the game.

Mod maker Halk Hogan, who contributed a lot to the implementation of this next-gen update, has released CDPR’s update. will take it to the next level announced the new mod.

“There will be a much more detailed graphic update”

Polish mod maker, using the username Halk Hogan, has been alone in the past years. Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project He developed the mod named and presented it to the players. This mode, which completely renews all the skins in the game, was so popular that CD Projekt RED is in the next generation update. He had Hogan’s help, too.. Today, the famous mod maker shared his new project with his followers.

HD Reworked Project Next-Gen Edition This update, named, will be prepared on the next generation update, which was presented to the players a few days ago and visually renews the Witcher 3 from top to bottom. Hogan said in a statement that this update will be much more detailed and “will take the game to the next level” he stated. Also this mod it will be completely free and stated that the project was supported by donations.


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The mod maker, who stated that the mod, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023 (April-May-June), will not be an “end”, that you will continue to level up the game over time explained.

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