Famous Millionaire Robert Kiyosaki, Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Warns: The price of everything will collapse

Famous millionaire Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, claimed that the prices of many assets will fall in the near future.

Kiyosaki September 26 from the official social media account in his postreal of many beings over value priced and coming soon will collapse told. The collapse that the famous millionaire expected, the Fed in the 1990s instead of solving economic problems. to monetary expansion He stated that it was because he was gradually covering up the problems.

in sharing, gold and silver as well as precious metals such as stocks and other asset types Kiyosaki, who stated that in the event of a possible collapse, the ultimate assurances of individuals financial information stated that it would.

most of his wealth excessive expansion and contraction Kiyosaki, who was indebted to the periods of actively known for its use. Considering Kiyosaki’s background, experts say it’s important to consider his predictions. beneficial thinks it might.

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