Famous Investor Agrees With CFTC Chairman: Only Bitcoin…

Famous investor Max Keizer, who is known as a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC), reiterated that he stands behind his views, reminding that he has thought of Bitcoin as a commodity since 2011.

Max Keiser posted on his official social media account on December 1st. in a post, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Rostin Benham, President of the CFTC the only digital commodity bitcoin by sharing a quote that he said since 2011 stated that he was of the same opinion.

Keizer said that El Salvador recognized this early on and that if a digital asset Securities if not Bitcoin He claimed that he was. Keiser stated that the country has enacted the digital asset law in this direction. In addition, Keiser, El Salvador’s world in this area leadership claimed he would.

On the other hand, although social media users approve of Keiser’s commodity views, El Salvador’s Bitcoin moves thoughtlessly stated that. Users in general use public resources of El Salvador President Nayib Bukele. should be more careful while some users defend El Salvador’s take an early decision but the difficult times they are going through today will bring them tomorrow. to great wealth claimed to have done it.

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