Famous for its Censorship, China Changed the End of Fight Club

First rule of Chinese Fight Club: Everything is different in China. The world-famous cult movie Fight Club is a movie that has become so popular thanks to the message it gives with its ending. It is learned that the ending of the Chinese version of Fight Club was altered in a way that changed the whole theme of the movie.

We all know that the reason for the cult of Fight Club, which was directed by David Fincher and released on the big screen in 1999 and became a cult movie, is the message it wants to convey. The reason why the movie is so popular around the world is because of the system it gives. messages of rebellion and anarchism. But China has prevented this.

Fight Club, recently “China’s Netflix” the one which Tencent Video published on the platform. Chinese movie lovers have noticed a change in this beloved cult production. Turns out, China completely changed the ending of the movie by destroying these messages of anarchism and rebellion.

China left no trace of the message Fight Club wanted to give with the ending it changed

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