Famous FIFA Players Share Their FIFA 22 Experiences

Electronic Arts has opened FIFA 22, which will be released on October 1, into early access for many content creators. YouTubers and publishers, who had the chance to play the game 11 days before its release, have already started sharing and broadcasting in-game images. Later this week, those who pre-ordered the game and EA Play members will be able to log in to the game for the first time.

There are days left for the release of this year’s game of FIFA, one of the world’s most popular sports game series. However, it is not too early to witness the in-game footage first or second hand. Electronic Arts, developer and distributor of FIFA 22, launched its early access plan, which it will offer to select people, yesterday. Many publishers and influencers who access the game within the plan have already published their game experiences on the internet.

Many from Turkey EA Creator Network The first day has passed in the program, which is benefited by member publisher and YouTuber. Lots of gameplay and commentary videos were shared on YouTube. In addition, many FIFA 22 broadcasts continue on Twitch. In the coming days, different EA Play members and those who pre-order the game will be given early access on different dates.

Who has and will have early access to FIFA 22?

Early access to the first crowd to play FIFA 22 in the world was opened on September 20. Members of EA Creator Network Turkey, which consists of Turkey’s largest FIFA YouTubers and publishers, have already started to share their in-game experiences with their followers. Formerly EA Game Changers, with its new name EA Creator Network program in Turkey Red Cap, Kobemir, Emre Kayır, Arden Papazyan, GRKN, No 23, Easter GamersTv, Ümidi, Hüseyin Anıl Finished, Short Passes, EgeArseven and NpSonata Important YouTubers and publishers such as

In the coming days, different For EA Play membership holders and those who pre-purchased the game FIFA 22 access will be granted. The dates and entry times of these people will be as follows:

  • EA Creator Network members & selected influencers: September 20 (unlimited)
  • EA Play members: September 22 (for 10 hours)
  • EA Play Pro (PC) members: September 22 (unlimited)
  • Pre-orders for the Ultimate Edition: September 27 (unlimited)

Some of the images shared by YouTubers and publishers from FIFA 22:

Emre Kayir:

Arden Papazian:

Hüseyin Anıl Finished:



What’s new with FIFA 22?

fifa 22


All Stadiums to Take Place in FIFA 22 Have Been Announced: There Is A Stadium From Turkey Too

FIFA 22, which will meet with gamers and football fans all over the world on October 1, The first version of the series to be fully optimized for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. it will be. Combining advanced 11v11 Match Capture and Machine Learning HyperMotion technology will provide the most fluid gaming experience in FIFA history by transferring the real movement data of professional football players in the fiercely contested matches to the game in real time.

With FIFA 22, classic game modes return with a revamp: Players can create their own club in Career Mode and join any league worldwide, travel back in time with new Ultimate Team Heroes, and show off their skills on the streets with new moves added to VOLTA FOOTBALL. Another major change is in Division Rivals: Moda, the next level of the top division League 1. Elite Division being added. The best players in this division will qualify to compete in the FIFA Global Series.

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